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Google’s projects, like our users, span the globe and require managers to keep the big picture in focus. As a Program Manager at Google, you lead complex, multi-disciplinary projects. You plan requirements with internal customers and usher projects through the entire project lifecycle. This includes managing project schedules, identifying risks and clearly communicating goals to project stakeholders. Your projects often span offices, time zones and hemispheres, and it’s your job to keep all the players coordinated on the project’s progress and deadlines.

Google products play a pre-eminent role in Google being a leader and driving the internet revolution. Many of these products such as Trader, Maps, YouTube, Android, News, etc. are extremely popular and are defining the way internet is used in several emerging market countries in Africa, Middle-East, Asia and Latin America. The way these products are structured and managed is also distinctly different in emerging markets. 

The Emerging Market Program Management team manages projects and operations that enable Google Engineering/Product teams to customize/launch these products and manage their operations for success in the emerging markets. The function is critical in meeting Google’s content creation goals and relevance of internet access in these markets. Examples of projects that are being led by the Program Management team include: creating and monitoring as well as stimulating the creation of content for products such as Google Trader, Google Maps, YouTube, SMS extensions to Gmail, Google+, etc., localization of products (language and contextual adaption), rolling out projects such as internet education in universities, enabling city Wi-Fi projects, distributing of low cost Android phones for specific projects, etc. 

We’re looking for strong Program Managers who can take charge of high performing teams and work with capable vendors to deliver on one or more of the above illustrated projects in a region. The role requires a leader with outstanding decision-making skills, management experience and flexibility. 

Most importantly, the role requires the manager to be extremely comfortable working in amorphous situations. Besides execution skills, being entrepreneurial and enthusiastic with ability to think street-smart and innovative solutions would be highly valued traits for this position. Local knowledge of regions is very important. In this fast-growing environment, the Program Manager must also exercise extraordinary judgment as key stakeholder in our hiring process of the contractual staff. Strong candidates should be extremely proactive, motivated, organized, responsible, and should work well within a fast-paced group. He or she would also use innovative methods to share industry insight and propose product solutions while employing quantitative abilities to make effective, strategic decisions. This is a fast paced and cross functional (XFN) leadership role working with product managers, country managers, marketing teams, etc.



  • Manage ongoing projects, vendor relationships and set up large teams including vendor team sourcing/hiring.
  • Collaborate across offices with multiple stakeholders while managing multiple projects.
  • Manage vendor/agencies for programs like Feet on Street in multiple cities in India.
  • Influence and communicate cross-functionally with all levels of management while having exceptional verbal and written communication skills.


Minimum qualifications

  • BA/BS degree in technical or business related field or equivalent practical experience.

Preferred qualifications

  • 6 years of relevant work experience.
  • Project management experience. Ability to define projects, execute within timelines and with multiple stakeholders, and deliver projects on time and to budget.
  • Ability to manage large onsite and offsite vendor relationships.
  • Ability to effectively operate with flexibility in a fast-paced, constantly evolving team environment.
  • Understanding and passion for online products/services like Trader, maps, local business listings, etc.


The Geo team builds the most accurate, comprehensive, and useful maps for our users. More than a billion people rely on Google Maps services to explore the world and navigate their daily lives. That includes sailing down the Amazon river, choosing where to get a bite of pizza, flying over a 3D version of New York City, and saving time commuting. Geo also helps merchants get their businesses on Google, and more than a million developers use the power of Google Maps to enhance their apps and websites. 

Geo includes the Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View, Maps for Business, Ground Truth, Zagat, Waze, and Places for Business teams. Together, they are tackling complex computer science problems, designing beautiful and intuitive product experiences, and improving the accuracy of our geo data, all in order to plot a course for the future of mapping.

Program Management

Lead complex, multi-disciplinary projects and usher them through the entire lifecycle.


Learn more about our Program Management roles


At our India headquarters in Google Hyderabad, we do it all. Whether building world-changing products or shaping the world of advertising, Hyderabad Googlers are critical players in our engineering and sales efforts around the globe.


Learn more about our Hyderabad office

Job details

Team or role:

Program Management

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Last updated:

May 09, 2014

Job location(s):

Hyderabad, India


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